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At Shagshadow Kennel, our objective is to selectively produce and raise Old English Sheepdogs with outstanding temperament, type, and movement. Unlike most large kennels, we own a small number of dogs that we raise inside of our home as part of the family. We also work with close friends who have partnered with us to continue our line and who follow the same code of ethics in raising and breeding their OES. Each of our foundation dogs has been selected from Canadian, American, and European Championship stock with outstanding pedigrees.  We have built our kennel with guidance from the best OES breeders in the world and have worked with specialists in veterinary medicine to develop our program for nutrition and health care. We verify the health of our dogs prior to breeding including eyes, hips, and genetic testing. We select and raise our dogs to compete in the show ring, but our Sheepdogs are pets first and show dogs second.

We believe the OES makes an outstanding pet because of its playful temperament and beautiful form; however, most first time buyers are drawn to the breed because of its unusual shaggy appearance. In full coat the Old English is an impressive dog that will receive plenty of attention from friends and strangers. Maintaining an OES in full coat can be a very satisfying and rewarding experience; however, this is not a low maintenance hairstyle. To properly maintain an OES in long shaggy hair requires a minimum of two to four hours every one to two weeks for brushing and grooming. If the dog gets wet or muddy or is changing from its puppy coat to its adult coat the grooming time can easily double. If you skip a grooming session plan on spending twice as much time the following session.

We strongly encourage first time buyers to research the OES prior to purchasing a puppy. Several excellent references are listed below for your consideration. In general, Old English Sheepdogs are very playful and enthusiastic. They love people and crave attention. They are happiest when they are with their owners and will often try to sit or lay as close to you as possible. Often an OES will exhibit puppy like playfulness for its entire life. These characteristics are what set the breed apart from other dogs and should be carefully evaluated before making your purchase.

Although some breeders may say the OES can be kept outside in a doghouse or kennel provided they receive regular attention and exercise, we believe Sheepdogs are happiest when they are with you inside the house. All of our dogs have been home raised and we will only sell to buyers that will keep their dog inside the house as a family pet.

If you are convinced the OES is the breed for you, the next most important consideration is temperament. Individual personalities can vary significantly within the same litter. Some dogs can be relatively shy or timid while others are extremely outgoing. We have found the more timid Sheepdogs love to be cuddled and will generally stick close to their owners at all times. They can be reprimanded by simply raising your voice. The more outgoing Sheepdogs are generally more playful and independent. Although these dogs require more discipline during training, they are often the most intelligent in the litter and usually are the best show, agility, or obedience dogs. Both types make excellent pets.

If you plan on showing your OES we can discuss ownership requirements with you and assist you in selecting a "show quality" puppy. If you are primarily interested in a pet we will work with you to select a dog that best fits your requirements. Because we believe in evaluating all of our Sheepdogs before they are sold, we generally cannot commit to selling a particular puppy until it is at least 10 weeks old. As we evaluate puppy characteristics and customer requests we may find that we do not have a puppy available that meets your requirements. If we do not have a puppy available for you, we can recommend other excellent OES breeders that may be able to provide you with a dog.

In summary we believe Old English Sheepdogs make outstanding pets. If you have the time and interest to maintain their full coat you will have a beautiful animal with a show quality appearance. If you prefer not to spend the time required for brushing and grooming, you can trim the dog occasionally and still have a good looking pet that is easy to maintain. In either case you will have a dog that is playful, entertaining, and lovable with form and movement unlike any other breed.

The following books provide additional reference information on the OES:

•The Old English Sheepdog by Joan MacDonald Brearley

•The Complete Old English Sheepdog by John Mandeville

•All about the Old English Sheepdog by Jean Gould

•Old English Sheepdogs by Beverly Pisano

•The Complete Old English Sheepdog by Christina Smith

•Old English Sheepdog by Ann Arch

•Care and Grooming of Old English Sheepdogs by Monique Carriere

•The Very Old English Sheepdog by Ray Owen

•The Old English Sheepdog by Ann Davis

Also, the American Kennel Club, the Old English Sheepdog of America, the New England Old English Sheepdog Club, the Old English Sheepdog Club of Canada and the Canadian Kennel Club can provide information on many subjects including general dog ownership, breed standards, dog shows, and regulations. Shagshadow Kennels is also pleased to work with you before and after the sale to answer your questions and provide suggestions as you evaluate puppies and as you raise your OES. Please contact us with any questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring Sheepdog ownership is a special and rewarding experience.


Photo by

Terry Cervi

Daisy’s 2019 Litter

Born on April 30, 2019

Dam: Daisy

(Shagshadow’s Driving Miss Daisy)

Sire: Blueshire’s To The Future

Litter Size: 7    (4 females and 3 males)

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